Intelligent Care

BASic – Business Aircraft Solutions intelligent care

BASic is our monthly Intelligent Care services:

  • Who reviews your maintenance charges/invoices?
  • No matter if the Limited Aircraft Warranty remains in effect or your aircraft is enrolled in EEC, some entitled maintenance costs will inevitably be charged directly to you.
  • Were any Limited Aircraft Warranty entitlements charged to you?
  • Were any EEC covered items charged directly to you?
  • Were parts prices marked up too high?
  • Were the labor rates and labor hours reasonable?
  • Have you been charged, again, for something recently installed or repaired?

Contact us to scrub your invoices. Our BASic monthly services cost less than you think.

BASic: Business Aircraft Solutions monthly Intelligent Care service includes:

Adjudication of all maintenance invoices:

  • Entitlements
  • Price Checks
  • Labor Rates
  • Labor Hours
  • Rework of recent repair or recent parts installation

OPTION: At your request, BAS can send an expert to attend a heavier level maintenance event:

  • To confirm required maintenance is properly accomplished;
  • To confirm no additional maintenance with no added value is charged;
  • This service can save considerable costs.

OPTION: At your request, BAS can track and manage the maintenance on your aircraft:

  • To maintain the same level of safety before flight as your crew does during your flight;
  • To record your flight-hours and landings in CAMP and report monthly totals to your maintenance support program providers;
  • To find the most capable maintenance providers;
  • To make sure parts have been ordered before you arrive at a service provider;
  • To be your representative when grounded, give you and your pilot a “real” & "regular" status!
  • Start and stop this service any time.