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Ron is best known as the face of Embraer Executive Care (EEC) for 17 years. He was responsible for business development of customer support revenue generating programs since Embraer Executive Jet’s inception.

Ron’s professional career started in the mid-1980’s when he joined Bar Harbor Airlines and was soon promoted to a shift supervisor. In the late 1980’s, Bar Harbor and three other regional airlines were acquired by Texas Air Corporation (a holding company of Eastern and Continental Airlines). In 1990, Ron joined the Continental Commuter Division (Texas Air’s regional airline holding company) and was assigned merger of the four regional airlines Maintenance Control standard operating procedures into a subsection of a sole FAR Part 121 operating certificate designated Continental Express. He then worked as a maintenance control supervisor while Continental Express consolidated their fleet of large turboprop aircraft. Four years later, Ron joined Continental Express’ engineering department and was promoted to the airline’s Powerplant Engineer. His big achievement in this role was re-certification of the airline’s engine fleet to “on-condition” years before this became a standard practice by regional airlines. This took advantage of engine management processes normally utilized by the major airlines. The benefit was, it doubled the time in service before the engines came due for an overhaul; saving the airline tens of millions annually.

When Embraer sold their first regional jets to Continental Express in the mid-1990’s, Ron joined Embraer as their Powerplant Specialist. He developed a Powerplant workshop to build relationships with regional airlines’ representatives taking delivery of their first regional jets. Seeking participation and sponsorship from component suppliers, the workshop became a collaboration between the airlines and manufacturers, rapidly resolving powerplant related in-service issues, with a clean sheet design soon after entering service. Embraer’s new regional jet soon became known for its high reliability and low operating costs. When a private jet derivative emerged, Ron joined Embraer Executive Jets. As the division evolved into an award-winning customer support team, Ron was given the business development responsibility of spare parts planning and assisted in development of TLC (Total Legacy Care); later renamed Embraer Executive Care (EEC). In time, 70% of Embraer Executive Jets in North, Central and South America were subscribed to EEC with a nearly 100% renewal rate – proving its value to jet owners.

Today, Ron lives with his daughter in Rockledge, Florida, near Cape Canaveral. When not focused on Business Aircraft Solutions, he likes visiting the nearby theme parks, watching rocket launches, traveling, cycling, and relaxing on the nearby beaches.

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