Logbook Organization

Some records I’ve encountered are stored in a hangar cabinet. Other records, although stored in a climate controlled environment, are infested with silver fish. In one case, these paper eating insects were being preyed on by a small black spider. Anything eaten is digested and defecated into the bottom of the records containers.

Logbook Organization involves ordering the records by date from earliest to the most recent and using page protectors to preserve every page. Service invoices, parts invoices, packing slips and shipping records make up 30% to 50%. This unnecessary paper is removed and recycled. Kept are any/all records describing airworthiness, part teardown reports, and valid warranty related documents. Extra page protectors are included to make it easy to continue record keeping.  All records are then scanned in to a digital database, like Bluetail.aero or a dropbox for easy access at your finger tips. The paper records are all placed in matching binders, binder bags and positive locking plastic bins (med size – easy to lift & carry).

  • September 12, 2022 @ 8:47 am
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