Aircraft Acquisition – 3/4/2022

Provided oversite during the transaction of this Legacy600 aircraft. This model may be the most reliable business aircraft you can buy. Like the line of Boeing Business Jets,  this jet is a derivative of an airliner (the Embraer135  – 37 seat regional jet) with millions of hours in operation before it was configured for business aviation. The airliner first entered service in 1995 and the business jet derivative in 2002, but it’s still a modern aircraft. It has a glass cockpit, ADS-B Out capability through the latest version OEM avionics, the engines and APU are FADEC controlled, inflight access to the rear baggage compartment, international range, and is capable of operating into and out of the most restrictive airports. What kept this model from direct competition to other large cabin aircraft was its ceiling (max 41,000 feet), speed (max 0.80) and range (max 3200 nm). Looking for something with a Gulfstream volume cabin and can accept 30 minutes longer flight coast to coast? this is your jet.

WestStar Aviation in Grand Junction, CO performed the pre-purchase inspection. It was handled timely and efficiently although there were several heavy inspections and engine changes in progress. Most findings were cosmetic and quickly disclosed between the seller and buyer; and subsequently reconciled between the parties. Closing of the transaction occurred shortly thereafter.  My part as oversite was to keep all parts of the transaction moving and there was never a moment either party was behind on current status. Both parties expressed satisfaction of the power to make timely decisions. Independent oversite with the ability and experience to properly communicate ensures confidence to both parties and will expedite the transaction.


  • April 26, 2022 @ 9:19 am
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